Pinocchio Children’s Library 

Every child during his growth develops conflicting feelings which if correctly addressed can positively influence his personality.
Our project aims to interpret these feelings through architecture, driving the child in his growth path. As soon as the child enters the
park, he is faced with a colored Slide, an attractive object which immediately catches up with him. Unexpectedly the Slide turns out to be a big special library where the game dimension matches with that of reading. In his journey through the library the child can develop his consciousness with new curiosity and new awareness in a succession of different and surprising spaces. At the end of the Slide he arrives in a very spacious room, surrounded by greenery and just above the river, with flexible spaces which can accommodate a lot of activities. Visitors at the same time, can take a different path, a green one that along the wide range of activities arranged in the area allows him to reconnect with the other side of the river and with the nearby Pinocchio’s Park. Furthermore, the goal of the design is to create a unique polyfunctional park, suitable for every age group. For this reason, around the pre-existing Paper Mill an area is located where there are some rooms for older people, an auditorium, a rest area with a café and some spaces suitable for exhibitions or events.